Horror Lover

Daniel Carver

Daniel doesn't just defend the horror genre, he adores it. It's a testing ground for upcoming directors and actors. It's an experimental forum for the bizarre and disturbing. It's a special effects playground where grown adults deliberate for hours whether a severed head looks real enough. Villains become heroes, mutilation is encouraged, and breasts are as prevalent as blood. There's something for everyone and Daniel aims to rationalize every cringe-worthy moment of it. 

Horror Hater

Nathan Carver

Nathan despises the horror genre and all the lazy film making it represents. It's where actors and directors go when they've given up on their careers or when their careers have given up on them. For every "The Exorcist" there are a thousand forgettable slashers. Cinema has to have a bottom somewhere and that somewhere is horror. Nathan aims to pull the curtain back on nostalgia and point a shaky finger at incompetence. 

Horror Dabblers

Andrew "The Intern"

Caruso "The Protege"

Marissa "The Giggler"

Amanda "The Litigator"

Chelsea "The Chastiser"