Kane Hodder steps in to take over Jason's role (and Nathan's loins) and everyone is pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed such a late series sequel. 



David and Robin, Ben and Kate, and Russell and Sandra all get it on in different rooms in the same scene. Impressive.


  • Sandra plays this installment's critical skinny dipper
  • Robin decides to NOT be the girl that pulls the sheet above her breasts

Body Count.

  1. Jane takes a spike to the head.
  2. Michael gets spiked in the back.
  3. Dan is punched through his torso and has his neck broken.
  4. Judy is smashed against a tree in her sleeping bag
  5. Russell's face is axed.
  6. Sandra is drowned. (rare)
  7. Maddy is sliced with a sickle.
  8. Ben gets the ol' barehanded skull crush.
  9. Kate's eye is impaled with a noisemaker.
  10. David is stabbed in the stomach.
  11. Eddie receives the patented "Ginny Chop"
  12. Robin is tossed out the second story window. (questionable)
  13. Tina's mom is stabbed with a huge farming blade.
  14. Dr. Crews is gutted with an impressive tree-trimming saw.
  15. Melissa receives a well deserved ax to the face.

And don't forget that Tina killed her father. That's one to Tina. 

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