Daniel digs deep to defend this dated diabolical drama while Nathan gnashes his teeth through a plot twist that holds an all new surprise in the post Jason era.

How did it S.T.a.C.K.?


  • Jack and Marcie pack bacon on the bottom bunk
  • A little Kevin Bacon ass and some delightful Jeannine Taylor breast


This is one of the Trope-Fathers. You name it, it's in here. Tripping in the woods, investigating obvious danger, innocent virgins and dirty sluts, the goofy guy, smokin' grass, screaming in place instead of running, wild inconsistencies, and an ending that has resolution anxiety. 

Creative Kills. 

  1. 50s counselor boy is stabbed in the stomach
  2. 50s counselor girl murdered off screen
  3. Annie gets her throat slit after being chased
  4. Ned investigates a cabin and gets his throat slit
  5. Jack enjoys a joint while he's speared through his throat
  6. Marcie takes a hefty ax to the face (*100Lunatics Favorite*) 
  7. Brenda is murdered off screen
  8. Steve is stabbed in the stomach
  9. Bill takes multiple arrows to his face and body
  10. Mrs. Voorhees is decapitated via machete
Who do you cringe at less?
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Your Two Cents
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