Daniel has an explanation for every gap in logic while Nathan can't stop obsessing about Glen's vessel in this rule-breaking sidestep of a Krueger sequel. 

How did it S.T.a.C.K.?


  • None. You're given Mark Patton's grass stained ass and Marshall Bell's towel-snapped bum and you're happy to get it


Actually, quite anti-trope. Rare male horror lead and only male Krueger saga lead. Zero jump scares. But, whew, are you machine-gunned with sweaty wake up scenes.  

Creative Kills.

  1. A naked Coach Schneider is bound in the shower, ass slapped raw with wet towels, and then sliced to death by Freddy's glove  
  2. After witnessing Jesse mutate into Freddy, Grady gets his guts shredded (*100 Lunatics Favorite, mostly for Jesse's transformation)
  3. Boy by fence has his face and throat slashed by Freddy
  4. Girl is shoved into boiling pool and conflagrated 
  5. Boy trips into boiling pool and conflagrated  
  6. Girl climbing fence falls and is consumed by flames
  7. Boy is trampled to death by fleeing mob
  8. Freddy guts boy running by pool
  9. Freddy slices negotiator boy's throat
  10. Freddy's glove rips through Kerry's chest

*Note from Daniel: Contact me directly and I will successfully argue any conflict with this list. 

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Your Two Cents
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Mark Patton proves a scream king can work.
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