Jason is back, for real this time, and while Daniel and Jonathan have fun, it's Nathan's little horror hating heart that is most thankful for his return. 



  • Cort and Nikki get the RV a rockin'


None. I'm not condoning this horrible oversight, but if there has to be a Jason movie without breasts, I'm glad it's this one. 

Body Count. 

  1. Hawes has his heart punched out the back of his chest.
  2. Darryn is impaled with a fence post and flung into the woods.
  3. Lisbeth has her skull pierced to the ground with the same post.
  4. Burt is unarmed and impaled against a tree.
  5. Stan is 1 of 3 in a classy triple decapitation.
  6. Katie is 2 of 3.
  7. Larry is 3 of 3.
  8. Caretaker Martin truly does die by the bottle...being stabbed in his neck.
  9. Steve is skewered onto a machete with Annette.
  10. Annette is skewered onto a machete with Steve.
  11. Nikki gets her face molded into the metal siding of an RV.
  12. Cort is stabbed through the ear with a knife.
  13. Sissy's head is twisted OFF.
  14. Paula is liquefied all over her cabin. (*100 Lunatics Favorite*)
  15. Officer Thornton takes a hunting dart to the face.
  16. Officer Pappas earns a good ol' barehanded skull crushing.
  17. Sheriff Garris is folded in half. Backwards.
  18. Roy is dismembered, presumably.
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Thank God Jason is back for real this time.
A little bit of comedy makes Jason a lot more fun.
I think the Final Chapter should have been the FINAL chapter.