This "new beginning" seems to be missing something, but not everyone finds it lacking. No one knows where to settle with this controversial installment.  

How Did It S.T.a.C.K.?


  • Lana's breasts are ready for showtime
  • Tina and Eddie get naked and then Eddie goes to the lake to wash up. I think sex happened
  • An uncharacteristically lengthy shot of Tina topless in the pasture
  • Robin wonderfully represents the smaller breasted community
  • She's technically clothed, but the rain renders Pam's thin white shirt invisible


Tommy's age is never discussed and the year is never mentioned. We assume Tommy is in his late teens/early twenties, putting the timeline of events in the mid 90s. This is the third Friday the 13th movie in a row that does not take place on Friday the 13th.

Creative Kills.

  1. Victor kills Joey with an ax
  2. Roy jams a lit road flare down Vinnie's throat
  3. Roy slits Pete's neck with a machete
  4. Roy plants an ax in Billy's bald spot
  5. Roy replants that ax in Lana's chest
  6. Roy stabs a knife into the vagabond's stomach (Raymond)
  7. Roy cuts through Tina's eyes with a tree trimmer
  8. Roy crushes Eddie's skull with a makeshift leather sinch (*100 Lunatics Favorite*)
  9. Roy slices Anita's throat
  10. Roy impales Demon with a metal rod
  11. Roy chops Junior's head off with a cleaver
  12. Roy sinks a cleaver in Ethel's forehead
  13. Roy recycles the cleaver into Jake's face
  14. Roy stabs Robin with a machete Kevin Bacon style
  15. Roy sticks Violet in the stomach with a machete
  16. Roy makes a bloody smile on Duke's neck (the gross EMT)
  17. Roy stakes Matthew Letter through the head
  18. Roy gouges the eyes of Grandpa George
  19. Tommy drops Roy onto a tractor harrow (spike bed)
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Was the movie triumphant as a stand alone film AND/OR was it triumphant within the franchise?
How Did It Stack for You?
How Did It Stack for You?
I would've liked to have seen a "Tommy as Jason" trilogy.
Roy is a more efficient killer than Jason.
This is the Nightmare on Elm Street 2 of the Friday franchise.