Hey, who's the new guy? Jonathan joins Daniel and Nathan in sort of admiring the post-Pamela, pre-hockey mask debut of Jason Voorhees. 

How Did It S.T.a.C.K.? 


  • Sandra and Jeff get busy in a no nudity kind of way
  • Terry goes dippin' skinny and gives us our first full frontal


The first film takes place on Friday the 13th, June, 1980. This checks out. June 13th did fall on a Friday in 1980. Paul says in the second film that it's once again Friday the 13th and the year is 1985. Only September and December had Fridays fall on the 13th in 1985, so assuming the counselors wouldn't go swimming in the middle of winter, Jason is stalking a rare autumn camp.

Creative Kills.

  1. Lone survivor, Alice, gets to join her friends when Jason ice picks her face.
  2. Jason strangles Crazy Ralph with barb wire.
  3. Jason sinks the back end of a hammer into Deputy Winslow's skull. 
  4. Jason drags his machete across Scott's neck as he hangs in a trap. 
  5. Jason kills Terry off screen (body confirmed). 
  6. Jason sinks the dull side of his machete deep into Mark's face, sending him and his wheelchair down a lengthy flight of stairs. *100 Lunatics Favorite* 
  7. Jason stabs a spear through Jeff's back, 
  8. into Sandra's stomach, and out the bottom of the bed. 
  9. Vickie waits 26 long seconds to get stabbed by Jason's kitchen knife. 


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