The guys bring in a local dream expert to deal with Nancy's return and assess everyone's dream powers.

How Did It S.T.a.C.K.? 


  • Nurse Marcie exposes her dream dobbers to Joey


Both the Black guys survive. In a 1980s slasher film. How's that for anti-trope? 

Creative Kills.

  1. Freddy turns Phillip into a marionette with his own tendons and walks him out of a high rise window
  2. Freddy jams Jennifer's head into the TV, electrocuting her
  3. Freddy stabs Will in his chest after a wizard "battle" 
  4. Taryn gets overdosed by Freddy's syringe-fingers
  5. Mr. Thompson is impaled on the fin of the Cadillac he used to hide Freddy's bones
  6. Freddy stabs poor, sweet, innocent Nancy after a diabolical ruse
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Tell Us Where You Stand
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