Looks like "Third time's the charm" applies to the Voorhees franchise as well. Daniel and Jonathan get the Jason they remember and Nathan gets...let down.

How Did It S.T.a.C.K.? 


  • Andy and Debbie pull off some puzzling grunt work in a hammock
  • Pregnant Deb gives us a classy exposition in the shower


 Important to note that the events of this film take place immediately after Friday the 13th Part 2. Jason heads to Harold and Edna's to acquire some new clothes on the evening of Saturday the 14th and then stumbles across Chris and her friends Sunday the 15th. Chris is carted off to the loony bin on the morning of Monday the 16th. 

Creative Kills.

  1. Harold takes a cleaver to the chest.
  2. Edna finds her missing sewing needle impaled through the back of her skull and out the front of her mouth. 
  3. Fox dangles from a beam with a pitchfork through her neck. 
  4. Loco's torso is completely penetrated with a different pitchfork. 
  5. Vera receives the honor of Jason's first masked kill - harpoon in the eye. 
  6. While walking on his hands, Andy gets crotch-chopped with a machete. 
  7. Debbie is Kevin Baconed while reading on the hammock. 
  8. Chuck is thrown into the fuse box and electrocuted. 
  9. Shelly finally drains out from a slit throat. 
  10. Chili is impaled with a hot poker. 
  11. Jason crushes Rick's skull with his bare hands. 
  12. Ali gets mercilessly machete'd for not staying dead. 
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This film is known as being the only F13 film where no one says "Jason." Nathan claims they say it in the ending from Part 2. Does that count?
How Does It Stack...For You?
How Does It Stack...For You?
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Jason finally getting his mask makes all the difference.
Part 3 is the best Friday the 13th yet.
I ONLY like watching movies in 3D.