There comes a time in every franchise's life when you have to let it go...completely off the rails. Nathan almost leaves the podcast and Daniel defends fire-pissing dogs.

How Did It S.T.a.C.K.?


  • A super model from Joey's poster appears topless inside his waterbed


We have our first sign of a possible "minorities die first" trope. I don't include Kincaid's death, since he is a SURVIVOR from Dream Warriors, but Sheila, now there you have an argument. Nerdy black Sheila gets Freddy'd first from the new cast. 

Creative Kills.

  1. Freddy stabs Kincaid in the stomach with his glove...a few times
  2. Joey is drowned inside his own waterbed
  3. Kristen is thrown into a furnace and burned alive
  4. Freddy makes out with Sheila and sucks her up like an empty toothpaste tube
  5. Rick takes Freddy's glove to the stomach after an invisible fight
  6. Debbie is transformed into a roach and then squished inside of a roach motel

***Freddy's death is so cool we had to include it in some form. The souls within him are charged to action by Alice's dirty work. Tiny arms protrude from Freddy's torso and bind him to the wall as they literally tear his face apart. He's eternal, though, so yes on the creative part, no on the kill part.***

Did Debbie's elbows snap, because they were bent too far or because she pushed back so hard?
Dream Mastery
Dream Mastery
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