Jonathan skirts closer and closer to the Dark Side as new rules enter the podcast. Will a shared love for Crispin Hellion Glover be enough to save the guys from total chaos?

How Did It S.T.a.C.K.?


  • Jimmy proves he's incredible with Tina
  • Samantha shows off her tan-lined breasts
  • Twins Terri AND Tina go topless
  • 7 pairs of vintage dame danglers


Start's at the crime scene from Part 3 on the night of Monday the 16th. We meet the teens and the Jarvis family the next day, Tuesday the 17th. Skinny dipping, partying, and murdering all happen the following day on Wednesday the 18th, 1985. 

Creative Kills.

  1. Jason saws Axel's neck and twists his head backward
  2. Nurse Morgan is stabbed in the stomach and cut open
  3. "Fatty Patty" the hitchhiker is stabbed in the neck
  4. Samantha is stabbed through her stomach
  5. Paul is stabbed in the dick with a harpoon gun and hoisted into the air *100 Lunatics Favorite*
  6. Terri is stabbed in the back with a spear
  7. Jimmy gets corkscrewed and a cleaver to the face
  8. Tina is thrown onto a car from the second story window
  9. Ted is stabbed in the back of the head
  10. Jason crushes Doug's skull with his bare hand
  11. Sara gets a very well timed ax to the chest
  12. Rob "He's killing me!" Dyer is garden clawed to death

*The "deaths" of Jason and Mrs. Jarvis were not included for reasons discussed in the podcast.

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Your Two Cents
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