Things even out as Jonathan reluctantly stoops to Nathan's level, leaving Daniel to protect baby Freddy like his own dream child.

How Did It S.T.a.C.K.?


  • None. Alice's butt makes up the only nudity. Tsk tsk.


We've followed Freddy all the way through the 80s and the series has proven to have avoided the big "race trope." With the exception of Sheila from part four, whose death hardly warrants a pattern, everyone has a fair chance of surviving. As long as you're a woman.

Creative Kills.

  1. Dan is metamotorcyclorphosized and crashed into a truck
  2. Greta is hamster-cheeked until she chokes
  3. Mark is reduced to two dimensions and finely shredded (reluctantly chosen *100 Lunatics Favorite*)

This is the lowest death count we've seen yet. So much focus went into longer and more elaborate nightmare sequences, you don't realize how few people actually die. Freddy is all about the psychological torture as we near the close of the series.

Name *
Love it, like Daniel and Jasmine, or leave it, like Nathan and Jonathan, who are dumb.
Your Two Cents
Your Two Cents
Though it's a wild movie, it doesn't break any franchise rules.
Censoring Greta's death scene destroyed it.
Freddy has gone too goofy.